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Purse found in Market Street Aberdare

I visited Aberdare yesterday, Saturday 5th Janurary, and found a purse in Market Street which had quite a bit of money in it. I suspect it was dropped by one of the two young girls running around by the spot where I found it, but by the time I got to the high street they were nowhere to be seen, I suspect it does belong to a young person as there is nothing else in it. It seems a shame not to get it back to whoever it belongs to. So, with that in mind, and as I don't do social mediaI, I was wondering if you could put the word around on your Facebook page or put it in the local paper for me please and if someone can give me the right discription of the purse and how much money is in it I will return it to them. I would have to post it to them as I am now back home in Devon. I will be very pleased if you could do this for me.   They can contact me at my email address or mobile number. 
Place found= Market Street
Time= 12.30pm lunch time
Day= Sat 5th Jan 2019
Thank you for your help in this matter.
Kind regards