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Public Right of Way clear of flood water but for how long?

The flooded Public Right of Way at the Ynys has now gone and is accessible once more for the public.

Rhondda Cynon Taf Council has started to do something with the land drain that allows groundwater to enter the pump chamber.

Looking at the land drain it is silted up and requires replacing otherwise the two pumps will become unworkable again.

The small trench that has been excavated on top of the land drain will do little to help the situation with the spoil just dumped on the bank next to the trench; heavy rain and the spoil will wash straight back in to the trench.

There is a steel grid over a gully at the end of the land drain that is blocked; if this serves the pump chamber it needs cleaning out.

Walking the area today talking to a number of residents who all say this problem of continual flooding at this point should not be reoccurring what seems to be every time we get a few days of rain.