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'Protecting our communities is our number one concern'

Party’s plans for a fracking moratorium gather support

Plaid Cymru has challenged the Welsh Government to make clear its views on fracking in Wales.

Llyr Gruffydd, Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Minister for Sustainable Communities, Energy and Food, has called on the Labour Government in Cardiff to confirm its views on fracking amidst a growing consensus in favour of a moratorium.

The AM for North Wales Llyr Gruffydd said that protecting communities was Plaid Cymru’s number one concern which is why the party has called for a moratorium on the controversial practice of drilling for shale gas and Coal Bed Methane.

The Labour Government has refused to confirm whether it will ban fracking if the powers are devolved to Wales, and has failed to make any representations to the UK Government on the matter. Meanwhile the Scottish Government has gained power over fracking and has introduced a moratorium.

Plaid Cymru has also called for clarity on the Welsh Government’s existing powers, calling for the government’s legal advice on the use of current planning powers to stop fracking to be published.

The Party of Wales Shadow Minister for Sustainable Communities, Energy and Food Llyr Gruffydd said:

"Plaid Cymru is calling for a moratorium on fracking because of the danger it poses to the environment, water and health. Investing in another form of carbon-intensive energy would make a mockery of our domestic and international obligations on greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. We should be pursuing alternative sources of energy, for the safety of our communities.

"There is a growing consensus that agrees with Plaid Cymru, and last week the Scottish Government was granted the power to introduce a moratorium on fracking. However the Labour Government in Wales has failed to make any representations to the UK Government on the matter, and has refused to tell us if it will introduce a similar moratorium if the powers are devolved to Wales.

"The Labour Government has been extremely contradictory on this matter and now is the time for some clarity. Despite claiming to want parity of powers with Scotland for Wales, the Labour party has amended the UK Government’s Infrastructure Bill to give Scotland powers over fracking but failed to do the same for Wales.

"The people of Wales want to know if the Welsh Government will show the same strong lead as the Scottish Government and stop fracking in Wales."