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Prime Minister and First Minister treating Wales as second-class nation

Plaid Cymru’s Hywel Williams MP has criticised comments made earlier today by the Prime Minister in which he confirmed that there would be no reform of the Barnett Formula on the horizon.

The Barnett Formula sees Wales underfunded to the tune of around £300m a year according to the independent Holtham Commission’s findings.

Speaking ahead of contributing to this afternoon’s Commons debate on Devolution and the Union, Mr Williams said:

"The Prime Minister's confirmation that the unfair Barnett Formula is here to stay proves that Westminster just isn't working for Wales.

"Between them, Labour and the Tories have presided over nearly two decades of the chronic underfunding of Wales which has led to the decline of our infrastructure and public services.

"Only yesterday, the Welsh First Minister rejected Plaid Cymru's demand that Wales should be treated equally to Scotland when it comes to funding.

"If Wales received the same money as Scotland per head, we would have £1.2bn more per year to radically improve our schools, hospitals, roads and railways.

"With a Tory government in Westminster hell-bent on more cuts and a First Minister in Cardiff who treats Wales as a second-class nation, it is clear that only Plaid Cymru can be trusted to work for Wales at the next election."