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Positive outcomes are achieved for many children and young people in Swansea - report

Care Inspectorate made (DSS) inspection of children's services in Swansea City and County Council during the month of July 2018.

The inspection made considering the experience and progress on the periphery of care, looked after children and care leavers, and the use of foster care, residential care and locations outside the area.

Inspectors also made inquiries consider child protection, emergency protection measures and plans protecting care and support.



Inspectors saw good quality practice in children's services Swansea, with positive outcomes are achieved for many children and young people.

Led children's services effectively and confidently Head and experienced management team who managed the transition well.

Partnership working is generally effective, especially in terms of protection. However, staff told inspectors that working relationships between children's services and education should be strengthened and saw evidence that some young people have adequate education and that they have poor outcomes.

The children and young people, the inspectors have heard, are generally positive about the support they received, and were valued relationships with individual social workers.


Areas for development

  • That all children identified as requiring care and support it and that education other than education at school get the input and support educational entitlement.
  • The arrangements for ensuring that children and young people have access to their care plan themselves, their reviews and other documents is unclear; These should be reviewed and improved systems in place for recording this.


next steps

An SSD is expected to consider the local authority areas identified as those for development and take appropriate action. DSS will monitor progress through the local authority's performance evaluated continuously.