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Please find below a letter from Scout Ambassador Warwick Davis

Dear Editor,


Why being a great listener can make all the difference in Aberdare


As a proud Scout Ambassador I’m always looking for ways to help young people in Aberdare develop the skills they need to succeed. One of the most essential of these is active listening.

Today, according to new YouGov research, 86% of UK adults who had a view said we don’t listen to each other enough in UK society. That needs to change. 


In my profession, on the set of a Hollywood movie, if actors don’t listen to each other, the scene doesn’t work. The same applies in real life – it’s about taking the time to understand different points of view and showing respect. Good listening is vital at both home and at work. Some 94% of those with a view believe active listening is important in creating a productive work environment.


The good news is that the Scouts in Aberdare are leading the way in this area. Over 90% of UK adults say that the Scouts are helping young people to develop this important skill by working together with different kinds of people in small teams.


When young people learn listening skills, it encourages them to develop empathy and understand more about the needs of others. So whether you’re an adult looking for a great volunteering opportunity in Aberdare this year, or a young person looking to develop your skills, then visit to find out how to get involved. 


Thanks to all our great Scout volunteers and thanks for listening,


Warwick Davis

Actor, Director and Scout Ambassador


Andrew Thorp

Media Relations

The Scouts

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