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Plans shelved for permanent one way traffic on Ponty bridge

A suggestion that traffic flow over Pontypridd's Victoria Bridge should become permanently one way has been shelved following consultation with local Councillors.
The bridge has been closed one way for the past few months whilst essential maintenance has been carried out, and there was a proposition from highways officers that the system should stay in place permanently.
Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor for Trallwn Mike Powell, who met with officers along with other local representatives, said he was pleased to see the idea shelved.
"The partial closure of the Victoria Bridge has seen a huge increase in the amount of traffic travelling up Berw Road, across the White Bridge and through Trallwn. It is already used by many as a rat run and I have for years been complaining to the Council about traffic safety. Since the works have been under way it has been far worse.
"I pointed out that if they were going to go ahead with the proposal then they would also have to look at closing the White Bridge as Trallwn cannot cope with the volume of traffic.
"The current road works and diversions are also affecting bus routes and creating more traffic at pinch points between the Bridge Street and Brown Lennox roundabouts.
"If officers want to make changes then there are others that could be made which would improve traffic flow without having these adverse effects elsewhere. They could for example allow traffic coming from Gelliwastad Road to turn right into Taff Street at the lights as they have been able to do whilst road works have been under way. This would mean people no longer have to drive up to the Bridge Street roundabout to turn and come back to access Taff Street which adds to congestion there."
The works are due to be completed mid January.