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Plaid will put Wales centre stage at Westminster

With just one month left until people cast their votes in the General Election, Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood has vowed that her party will put Wales centre stage at Westminster after May 7th.
Leanne Wood said that this election signalled an unprecedented opportunity for the people of Wales to make their voices heard and that the best way of ensuring that was by returning the strongest ever group of Plaid Cymru MPs to the Commons.
She added that Wales had stood on the margins for too long and urged party activists to redouble efforts over the next four weeks to make sure that their nation and its interests are at the heart of proceedings in Westminster during the next parliament.
"As the polls narrow and election day draws closer, Wales' opportunity emerges.
"For too long, our nation has been left on the margins in Westminster. I want to see Wales at the heart of each debate - be that on the future of our public services or how to improve our economy and the lives of people living here. 
"The Party of Wales is committed to giving Wales the strongest voice possible in those debates. 
"If people do what they've always done, they will get what they always got.  
"People are saying 'enough is enough', that we can take no more cuts. An increasing number are indicating that they are moving away from the 'big two' Westminster establishment parties. 
"It's not surprising when both are united behind the Austerity Charter that will deliver billions more cuts, and when both are united in favour of replacing the Trident nuclear weapons system at a cost of billions when that money is needed for our hospitals and schools.  
"More and more people are persuaded by the smaller parties. It's why there is every likelihood of a hung Parliament after May, which presents a great opportunity for Wales. 
"My message with a month to go is this: The Party of Wales cares about your community - take time to read what we have to say and give serious consideration to helping us make Wales matter at this election. If you've not supported Plaid Cymru before, ask yourself what is stopping you voting for the best for Wales?
"With just four weeks to go, I am calling on every Party of Wales supporter and activist to redouble their efforts in order to take this message to every street in Wales. Let's work harder than ever to give Wales the voice we deserve in Westminster."