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Plaid unveils seven pledges for the Welsh language

Plaid Cymru has published seven pledges for the Welsh language which the party would implement in the National Assembly if it gained power after the 2016 election.

The policy paper outlines seven proposals aimed at ensuring that the Welsh language is adequately funded, securing the future of Welsh-medium education, and providing the best possible opportunities to use and promote the language in an economic and cultural context.

Simon Thomas AM said:

"These are constructive and comprehensive proposals formed with a view to securing a sustainable future for the Welsh language.

"Accessing services and operating in the workplace in their language of choice is a basic right for all the people of Wales.

"Nowhere is this right more important than in our schools and playgrounds where the foundations of children's confidence to converse in Welsh is formed.

"That is why a Plaid Cymru government would introduce the Foundation Phase in Welsh for all pupils in Wales. We know that bilingualism is a valuable skill and benefits children's cognitive development.

"We believe all children in Wales should have the opportunity to acquire a second language (Welsh or English) and a third as developments allow.

"We would also introduce further provision in further education for Welsh medium education using the "Coleg Cenedlaethol Cymraeg" model - a successful innovation introduced when Plaid Cymru was in the One Wales government."

Jonathan Edwards MP added:

"Plaid Cymru wants to see a comprehensive approach taken to securing the future of the Welsh language, taking into account cultural, economic and educational contexts and implications.

"We want to develop a bespoke economic strategy to support Welsh speakers in entrepreneurship and to support business development in Welsh speaking areas.

"A strong regional and community economy is needed in the Welsh-speaking heartlands if the language is to prosper as a community language.

"The Welsh language must also be a key consideration in planning decisions and Plaid Cymru would consult on the proposal of language action zones.

"We also believe that the devolution of broadcasting is a necessary step to ensuring that Welsh-medium output is adequately funded and properly run."