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Plaid unveils plans to save and strengthen our NHS

Welsh patients deserve a health service which can respond when they need it. 

Welsh doctors and nurses deserve to work in a world-class service that values and reflects their skills.

That is the message of Plaid Cymru today (Monday) as it launches its plans to save and strengthen the NHS.

Speaking outside Bronglais Hospital in Aberystwyth this afternoon, the Party of Wales MP Hywel Williams will say that only Plaid Cymru had consistently fought to protect and save vital NHS services in Wales and only Plaid Cymru has put forward detailed proposals on how the service will be strengthened in future. 

Hywel Williams MP will outline Plaid Cymru’s ambitious plans to

·         Recruit a thousand extra doctors to keep the NHS sustainable in all parts of Wales, improve access to GPs, and cut waiting times.

·         Fully integrate Health and Social Care services in order to ensure a better flow of patients through the hospital and care system, and ensure the needs of the patient are the priority.

·         Increasing the capacity of the ambulance service, nursing and paramedic staff.

·         Oppose the TTIP EU trade deal that could privatise the NHS.

Speaking ahead of the launch, the Party of Wales Public Services spokesperson Hywel Williams MP said:

“Plaid Cymru wants to build a world-class healthcare system that meets everybody’s needs and today we are outlining the steps we need to take to achieve that.

“Plaid Cymru has plans to recruit a thousand extra doctors to the NHS, to fully integrate Health and Social Care services, and to invest in more ambulances, nurses and paramedics. We will oppose the damaging EU trade agreement that could lead to the privatisation of the NHS.

“Our plans will increase capacity, bring down waiting times, and improve patients flow through hospital and beyond. The Party of Wales will save and strengthen the services that we all depend on, and restore the reputation of the NHS in Wales.”

The Party of Wales Shadow Health Minister Elin Jones AM said:

“At present we have a system that is under severe pressure because of poor management and ineffective planning. Patients are being let down and doctors and nurses are being put under incredible pressure because of the UK Coalition Government’s cuts and Labour Welsh Government’s mismanagement. Plaid Cymru has the ideas to change that.”