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Plaid Cymru R&D plan to make Wales a world leader

By increasing Wales’ share of Research and Development (R&D) spending, Plaid Cymru’s plans will invest in our universities, support businesses which are looking to develop and help strengthen Wales’ economy from within.

On a visit to Bee Robotics innovation and analysis company, the Party of Wales’ candidate for Arfon, Hywel Williams highlighted the fact that Wales receives far less than its share of R&D funding at 2.1% according to the most recent figures.

Hywel Williams said:

“R&D is crucial if we are to harness the economic potential of our higher education institutions. 

"Investment in R&D attracts more companies and researchers to invest in Wales, cooperates with local companies that want to invest and ensures that Wales benefits from new products, intellectual property and production.

“Yet Wales only receives 2% of UK research funding investment – far less than our share in population terms.

“We want to increase this figure and bolster Wales’ reputation as a centre of excellence. 

"Wales is beginning to develop a good name as a centre for renewable technologies with developments such as the Swansea Tidal Lagoon but Plaid Cymru wants to further this and mimic it in other sectors.  

"We have already demonstrated our commitment to progress in this field by securing the Menai Science Park project as part of our negotiations with the Labour Welsh Government on the 2012 Welsh Budget.

“Plaid Cymru’s plans will help attract top researchers to Wales, work with higher education institutions and businesses to develop and create new high quality jobs.

“By fighting for our rightful share of UK spend, Plaid Cymru will support for Welsh universities as they compete on an international stage, and make Wales a world leader.”