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Plaid Cymru frustration as Labour blocks fracking moratorium plans


Only Plaid Cymru will act to protect communities

The Party of Wales Shadow Minister for Environment and Energy Llyr Gruffydd has reacted with frustration after the Labour Welsh Government again blocked Plaid Cymru efforts to protect Welsh communities from fracking.

Plaid Cymru AMs had tabled an amendment to the Planning (Wales) Bill to include a moratorium on fracking, but Labour voted the amendment down despite claiming to support such a moratorium.

The Party of Wales Shadow Minister for Environment and Energy Llyr Gruffydd said:

“Plaid Cymru has always opposed fracking and the dangers it poses to the environment and to public health, and we are the only party in the Assembly to work proactively to implement a moratorium on fracking. The Labour government claims to be against fracking, so there is no good reason for it to oppose Plaid Cymru’s motion today.

“There is great confusion amongst the public because the Welsh Government has claimed that it has imposed a moratorium despite saying previously that they didn’t have the powers to do so. The amendment tabled by Plaid Cymru today would have enshrined it in legislation so that the people of Wales can be sure that no fracking will happen in their communities, but the government has now added to that confusion by voting it down.

“Plaid Cymru has plans to strengthen our communities and maximise our green energy generation, investing in a new carbon intensive energy source such as unconventional gas would move Wales in a very different direction. We will continue to oppose any applications for fracking in Wales and we will continue to oppose the use of water from Wales in the practice of fracking in England, because we want to create healthy and sustainable communities for everyone who lives in Wales.”