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Plaid construction plans would help build Welsh economy

Plaid Cymru candidates for Swansea, Harri Roberts (Swansea West) and Dic Jones (Swansea East)have today visited a Hygrove construction site in Swansea to discuss their party's proposals to boost the construction industry while generating jobs and growth.

Harri Roberts said that Plaid Cymru wants to see a VAT cut for the construction industry to 5% to boost the sector, while Dic Jones made the case for greater investment in infrastructure in order to help build up the Welsh economy.

The candidates will be joined by Plaid Cymru AM Simon Thomas.

Speaking ahead of the visit, Mr Roberts said:

"Building the Welsh economy is at the heart of Plaid Cymru's priorities in this election.

"By cutting VAT on home renovations to 5% we could provide additional work for small, local builders.

“We have an ageing housing stock in Wales where renovation is badly needed to improve the quality of housing. A VAT cut would mean that this could be done cheaper and better.

“The construction industry in Wales employs more than 100,000 workers, mostly in local small or micros firms with a handful of people, so increasing growth in this area would be felt across Wales.

Mr Jones added:

"It is not just in our homes that we must invest. There are schools and hospitals up and down Wales in dire need of repair.

"Our plans to boost infrastructure investment by 1% of UK GDP would secure nearly a £1bn each year for Wales, allowing us to make vital improvements to our transport and public services facilities.

"Plaid Cymru is serious about building the Welsh economy. Our prudent and responsible plans to create jobs and growth means that Plaid MPs will give Wales and its needs the strongest voice in Westminster."