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Own a scrambler or quad?

Own a scrambler or quad? Just a gentle reminder that it is illegal to use them on roads, footpaths or green areas.

If you do ride them on the road you will need a driving licence, third party insurance, a number plate, tax and appropriate lights and markings. Quads and scramblers are often restricted to ‘off road’ use only but this does not mean they can be driven anywhere ‘off road’!

We would ask that riders of quads and scramblers also consider others living in the community or the areas where they are riding the bikes.

Parents too are asked to play their part by considering how their children use their bikes. We appreciate that many children have access to quads and scrambler bikes and that the activity is both exciting and fun for them but they are powerful machines which can kill or seriously injure if they are not used with the appropriate safety equipment. Please make sure your kids are wearing the correct helmets, clothing, gloves and footwear when out riding the bikes.