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One week left to win the best deal for Wales - Leanne Wood

With just one week to go until the General Election on May 7th, Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood has urged people to get behind Plaid Cymru so that the party can go to Westminster and secure the best deal possible for Wales.
Leanne Wood pointed to the polls showing the likelihood of a hung parliament after May 7th and said that Plaid Cymru would work with the other progressive parties likely to hold the balance of power to put an end to Westminster austerity.
She made a special plea to people in Wales who are undecided to ask themselves which party do they trust to deliver the best deal possible for Wales and to judge all parties on their record of delivering for Wales in Westminster. 
Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood said:
"Wales has had a more prominent position in this election than it has seen before. Previously at Westminster elections, Wales' voice and needs have been largely ignored. 
"With just seven days remaining, I would urge all people yet to decide to ask themselves who they believe will best stand up for Wales and who is best placed to deliver the best deal possible for people in this country?
"Plaid Cymru's priority in this campaign has been Wales, and the people here will continue to be our priority way beyond this election.
"We want to receive the same funding deal as Scotland meaning an extra £1.2 billion for Wales every year to invest in our public services and build our economy.  No other party supports this simple principle of equality. No one else is fighting for parity for Wales with Scotland. Why should we settle for anything less?
"Wales is not a second class nation - we refuse to let the Westminster parties continue to treat us that way.
"The Party of Wales has put the needs and aspirations of our country centre stage in this campaign. With people's support on May 7, we can make sure that our nation takes centre stage in Westminster too, by returning the strongest ever group of Plaid Cymru MPs to speak up for our communities. 
"Scotland's voice will be heard loud and clear. Let's make sure Wales' voice is heard too. 
"I call on people in Wales to back the Party of Wales on May 7 so our MPs can make sure Wales' interests are at the heart of what goes on in Westminster."