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No let-up in shameful NHS treatment delays

There’s been no let-up in significant delays for NHS treatment in Labour-run Wales.


New stats – published today – show more than 18,000 people had waited more than 36 weeks for their first hospital appointment by the end of March. The target’s zero.


One in seven people remain on a Welsh NHS waiting list - 418,382 in all.


When Labour’s Carwyn Jones became First Minister in 2009, the figure stood at a little over 200,000.


In England, just 4.6 per cent of patients (a little over 15,000 ‘admitted/adjusted RTT pathways’) had been waiting more than26 weeks at the end of March.


The number of people waiting more than 8 weeks for specified diagnostic services in Wales fell slightly over the month - to 11,346.


In England, latest figures show that number is just 12,969 waiting over a far shorter six week period.



Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Health, Darren Millar AM, said:


“These figures are clear - Labour's failure on the Welsh NHS continues and thousands of patients are being let down.


“Too many people are facing long, unnecessary and potentially painful and harmful delays for treatment.


“In March – 18,938 too many.


“It is a cruel fact that patients are more likely to wait longer for treatment in Labour’s Welsh NHS than patients in England.


“That’s unfair - and it shows that Welsh Labour’s record-breaking NHS budget cuts are hitting staff, patients and their families hard.


"It’s about time Labour ministers got a grip on the problem once and for all."






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