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'No child should have to wait over 8 months for treatment as they're having to do under Labour'

Leanne Wood challenges Labour First Minister on health target failures

Leanne Wood has criticised the First Minister on the Labour Government’s abject failure to meet crucial cancer treatment waiting times, ambulance response times and paediatric surgery waiting times.

Pointing to figures that show that 123 children in Wales are waiting more than 36 weeks for paediatric surgery, the Plaid Cymru leader called on the First Minister to commit to ensuring that not one child waits longer than the 36 weeks for treatment.

Party of Wales leader Leanne Wood said:

“At the moment, there are 123 children waiting for paediatric surgery who have waited for more than 36 weeks – that’s 12% of those on that waiting list. But three and a half years ago no child was waiting longer than 36 weeks...

“Will you commit today to ensuring that by the end of 2015, not a single child is waiting longer than 36 weeks for paediatric surgery?”

The First Minster refused to make that commitment, thereby confirming that he’ll allow children to continue waiting over 8 months before receiving the treatment they need.

Plaid Cymru’s ambitious plans to cut waiting times and improve standards of care within the health service would ensure that no child would have to wait so long for treatment.