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What does the Cynon Valley Party stand for?

The Cynon Valley Party has been a long time in the making. You just have to look at how people use their much fought for vote to see that a vast section of the community vote at local elections because of sentiments that are nationally driven.

Through the various propaganda channels, whether they be state-owned broadcasters or daily papers, magazines and commercial TV channels owned by individuals or conglomerates, there are agendas to manipulate the viewer, listener and reader that are not in the local interest.

The Cynon Valley Party is an antidote to the wider regional and national political parties and their often self serving interests. The CVP has one agenda: To represent the best interests of Cynon Valley residents and businesses at the local authority level.

If there are issues that local authorities have no sway or influence over then the CVP will choose to concentrate its efforts on subjects, issues and policies that we can have an impact upon.

Local Authorities have a lot of local power. Planning, education, entertainment, public safety, business development, waste and the environment are all topics that are close to our hearts and ones that the CVP can address and make a difference to .

The party was formed by two Aberdare businessmen, Graham Marsh & Andrew Chainey. After talking on-and-off for a number of years it was decided that a change had to be made, positive steps taken and an attempt made to improve the lot of our immediate area.

The ambition is that many will join us and help form and create a model that can be replicated nationwide. Local people, standing up for local issues. No more “parachuting” MPs, AMs and the like into an area because it is an “easy seat”. No more uncontested council wards! Where is the democracy in that?

We are inspired and excited. We want need you to join us. We want need you to be involved. We want to make aare making a difference. Get in touch!