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Muni decision stands after Cabinet admit they didn’t look at plans.

A special meeting of the Corporate Services Scrutiny Committee was held this morning after a "call in" request was made by three Councillors - Independent Cllrs Paul Wasley and Lyndon Walker and Welsh Liberal Democrat Mike Powell. The three were concerned that insufficient evidence had been presented to the Cabinet to enable them to make an informed decision.
Councillor Mike Powell commented:
"I was vocal in my opposition to the closure of the Muni by the Labour Cabinet. It was marked out as the only one of three theatres in RCT to close when it has been making more money that the others and needed less spent on it for repairs.
"I am pleased that bids came forward and that there are people who want to take over the venue and give it a future - the Muni is a central venue in Pontypridd and needs to be made use of.
"However, my concern is that, as with so many other decisions, little information was put before Members and we have no way of knowing whether the summaries presented were truly representative of the bids submitted.
"I was sent a copy of one bid from a private investor but was refused permission to see the bid submitted by the community groups. At the call in meeting, which was held behind closed doors, it emerged that the Cabinet had not read the proposals either.
"How can considered decisions be made and any scrutiny carried out if the full background information is not available? This I not the first time this has happened, in fact it is a regular occurrence. The business plan for the Lido is still a closely guarded secret.
"I want the Muni to reopen and to thrive, but there is a need to ensure that any bid from whatever source is sustainable. I very much hope that the community group bid will turn out to be sustainable and that it does not run into problems when grant funding dries up."