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More proof of desperate need for a Welsh council tax freeze

Welsh Conservatives have reaffirmed their commitment to freeze council tax, as a new report labels the bill Wales’ biggest debt problem.


The Citizens Advice Bureau says more than 6,000 people are struggling to pay council tax bills in Wales; double the number a year ago.


In its report, the advice body also concludes that council tax has risen by around four per cent in the past year.


In England, since 2010/11, Conservatives in government have facilitated a freeze and, as a result, additional money has headed across the M4 to the Welsh government.


Here – on each occasion - Labour has refused to use it for the same supportive purpose. It means that the average Band D property has seen bills rise significantly:



2010/11           £1,127

2011/12           £1,162

2012/13           £1,188

2013/14           £1,226

2014/15           £1,276

2015/16           £1,328



Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Local Government, Janet Finch-Saunders AM, said:


“Welsh householders are getting a raw deal; plain and simple.


“Labour has the power to freeze council tax in Wales and Labour has stubbornly refused – again and again.


“Year after year English householders have benefited from a Conservative freeze, yet here, Labour ministers snub taxpayers and stand back and watch as bills rocket.


“For over 15 years Labour ministers in Wales have reigned over soaring council tax and vastly inflated chief executive salaries.


“Householders deserve the support afforded to their English counterparts and Welsh Conservatives would provide it.”