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Mid Glamorgan Author Has Penned a Novel of Hope, Friendship and Love in the Wake of War’s End in Britain.

An author from Mid Glamorgan in South Wales has just released her debut novel. Mabel McCarthy has written Something to Your Advantage. This brilliantly written novel is the story of Virginia Coles, and after discovering her husband’s infidelity, flees to London where she meets farm manager Bill Kirby, the man she falls hopelessly in love with.


True love though is no easy path, and Virginia goes through life changing experiences; there is great sadness in her way as well as moments of pure, blissful joy. These moments define her as a person, and she uses them to fuel her passion and find the strength to overcome her obstacles, to improve her life for the better, leaving behind the sting of betrayal, the pain of loss and every sorrowful moment that should have been a happy one.


This story is of true friendship which can stand the test of time, and in the background, lies the horrors and pain of Britain recovering from war.


Mabel McCarthy grew up in a coal mining town in the Welsh Valleys at the start of the Second World War, where she heard and lived the experiences of such a troublesome time first hand. One of nine children, times were tough; Mabel found her escape in writing plays, which were acted out in the garden shed, watched on by the local community who would gather for some respite from the horrors of the outside world.


Something to Your Advantage, published by Austin Macauley, is available to purchase from Amazon and all good bookshops from 31st January 2017. For more information, please