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Making Aberdare A Safer Town

An ongoing campaign to make Aberdare a safer and more pleasant town centre continues to gain momentum.

Rhondda Cynon Taf Council and South Wales Police officers meet with traders in the busy valley town to help address their needs when it comes to cracking down on crime and anti-social behaviour.

These have included:

Excluding 41 individuals who are known to cause anti social problems / involved in crime from entering pubs and licensed premises in the town centre
Excluding 53 similar individuals from retail shops and businesses in the town centre
Impounding vehicles belonging to drivers who congregate in late night “hot spots” such as the McDonalds, Sobells and Tesco car park
Raising the profile of a radio surveillance system for shopkeepers to warn each other of any ongoing problems
They will shortly launch a “Street Briefings” scheme which is a new and positive way for Council and South Wales Police to work with businesses and learn more about issues that affect their high street – and how these can be combated.

Many small businesses are unable to attend meetings during the day, so police and business crime coordinators – operating under the umbrella of the Safer Town Centre Group – will take those meetings to the open doors of the businesses themselves.

Cllr Paul Cannon, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Safer Communities, Tourism & Heritage said: “With the support of partner agencies we are continually focusing on our town centres to help create a happy and safe environment that residents and visitors can enjoy.

“Thanks to a whole range of processes in place we are endeavouring to crackdown on the anti-social behaviour of a minority of individuals who spoil the experience of visiting our towns. Through our network of professionals we are sending out a strong message to those who cause problems – they are simply not welcome in our town centres.”

During the past few years the Safer Town Centre Group has successfully increased policing, use of CCTV and the introduction of alley gating schemes in recognised to eradicate various alcohol and drug-related offences.

They also launched an innovative radio surveillance system for effective communication between businesses, the CCTV control room and police.

For a small hire cost radios are given to independent traders who can contact one another for support should they witness any illegal activities ranging from shoplifting to anti social behavior on the main street.

If you have any information relating to criminal behaviour, contact the police on 101, attend Aberdare Police Station or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Aberystwyth have a scheme where anybody who "Misbehave" are banned from any premises who are in the scheme. Seems to work very well.