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'Make Wales a Sanctuary' - Leanne Wood

Party of Wales leader Leanne Wood has today (Tuesday) called on all parties at the National Assembly to support making Wales a sanctuary for refugees fleeing North Africa and the Middle East.

During First Minister's Question Time this afternoon she proposed a specific Welsh quota for refugee places as part of the UK's international obligations.

Party of Wales leader Leanne Wood said:

"Like many others, I was moved to see the news of almost 2000 refugees lose their lives attempting to cross the Mediterranean.

"Wales has a proud tradition of providing sanctuary.

"In 2003 Welsh politicians took a stand against the imprisonment of non-criminal asylum seekers in Cardiff prison.

"Whilst the UK Government has a quota for its refugee placement programmes, it is feared that the quota is not being filled.

"With the current crisis in the Mediterranean, I call on the Welsh Government to seek a specific Welsh quota so that Wales can play its role as a sanctuary for those fleeing violence and danger from countries such as Libya and Syria.

"I recognise the complexities due to the matter being reserved to Westminster, but there is merit in seeking a multi-national approach - within the UK - to the refugee crisis.

"I hope we can secure cross-party support for Wales to become a nation of sanctuary for refugees that could aid in securing that multi-national, multi government approach to the humanitarian crisis.

"A joint declaration by all parties in Wales would be a welcome first step."