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'Make Wales a part of the change that's coming'


Wales can take centre stage with strongest team ever of Plaid MPs

The old two-party system is on the verge of collapse according to Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood. She will say today that people in Wales have the chance to put the nation at the centre of the UK agenda by backing local Plaid Cymru candidates across the country.

Addressing an eve of poll rally in Carmarthen - the site of her party's first ever Westminster breakthrough - Leanne Wood will say that Wales can trust her party to win for Wales.

Party of Wales leader Leanne Wood is expected to say:

"The moment is nearing for us all to make sure Wales matters every single day that follows.

"That can only happen with the strongest mandate possible for Plaid Cymru.

 "If you’ve liked what I’ve had to say during this campaign then I ask you to vote for your local Plaid Cymru candidate.

 "Wherever you’re from, wherever you live – vote Plaid and trust us to win for our communities and our country.

 "I want the strongest possible team of Plaid Cymru MPs so that I have the strongest possible hand when I go up to London on Friday to make Wales’ voice heard loud and clear.

 "The old way is on its way, let’s make sure Wales is part of the change that’s coming."

Ms Wood will say that the choice of two old Westminster parties is no choice at all for Wales:

"The strangle hold of the old parties upon our communities is at an end, friends.

"The choice of two parties offering slight variations of the same bleak future is no choice at all.

"An opposition that promises more of the same is no choice at all.

"There is an alternative with Plaid Cymru – and the time has come for that opportunity to be seized with both hands.

"Let people in all corners of our country know that with Plaid Cymru they’ll get the best chance of rebalancing power and wealth away from the London city state to communities here.

"With Plaid Cymru we can win equality for our country – the powers we need to grow and the resources we deserve to thrive.

"With Plaid Cymru we can keep public services in public hands, saving and securing our NHS from privatisation and mismanagement.

"With Plaid Cymru we can end Tory rule that has never, ever had a mandate from Wales.

"Wherever I have travelled in the past weeks it is clearer than ever that our communities cannot take any more punishment for mistakes made by bankers.

"Our opponents – all of them – promise more cuts, more punishment.

"They took away our industries and now they’re trying to take away our hard won public services.

"I ask people across Wales to consider: who do you trust in the event of a hung Parliament, to get the best deal for Wales?

"Plaid Cymru’s vision at this election is based on a positive alternative to the old politics, the old, failed, outlook based on slash and burn economics.

"Plaid Cymru belives that government spending can and should be a force for good.

"For building strong communities.

"For quality public services such as schools and hospitals.

"For healthier, more sustainable public finances.

"Hand in hand with ending austerity, is our demand that Wales be funded adequately.

"That our country is funded to the same level, per head, as Scotland.

"Nothing more.

"But nothing less."