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Letter to editor sent on behalf of Dai Williams, Director of Diabetes UK Cymru

I am writing to let your readers know about a free one day support event for people with Type 2 diabetes being held in Cardiff City Stadium on Wednesday 6 May.

The Living with Diabetes Day is designed for people who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in the last few years or need basic information on how to manage the condition. Understanding diabetes is the first step towards tackling it. If managed properly, people with diabetes can go on to live long and healthy lives and this event is an important way of helping people get their Type 2 diabetes under control.

Improving people’s understanding of the condition and how to look after themselves will not only help improve their day-to-day health, but will also help them to avoid serious complications in the long-term.

Throughout the day, people will be given information they need to help them start taking control of their condition so they can enjoy a healthy life. Healthcare professionals will give information on local healthcare and the services available to people with Type 2 diabetes in the area.

Experts will give workshops on the practical elements of living with Type 2 diabetes, such as diet, exercise, medication, travel and driving.     

People interested in attending the event in Cardiff should register online at or email or call 0345 123 2399

Best Wishes

Dai Williams

Director, Diabetes UK Cymru