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Let's Walk Cymru

Let’s Walk Cymru is a walking programme for people in Wales who want to improve their health and well-being. Our parks and countryside provide great opportunities to start and enjoy walking. With groups from towns, cities and villages across Wales walking every week, the scheme is getting more people walking outdoors more often.

Like Ramblers group walks, Let’s Walk Cymru walks are a chance to make friends and enjoy the fresh air while getting fitter or staying fit. The difference is that Let’s Walk Cymru walks are all short, accessible walks, usually between 1 and 3 miles or 30 to 90 minutes, aimed at people who are relatively new to walking and want to improve their health.

Walk leaders are trained to support people with different health conditions and levels of fitness. And because the scheme is co-ordinated by Ramblers Cymru, when walkers get fitter we can encourage them to try Ramblers walks too.

Ramblers Cymru was selected by Welsh government to co-ordinate the scheme. There are currently over 120 Let’s Walk Cymru groups delivering over 5000 led walks a year across Wales.

To join a Let’s Walk Cymru group simply contact the local walk leader – find your local walk on the Let’s Walk Cymru Website.  For further information about the scheme and walk leader training please contact Melanie Jones, Let’s Walk Cymru Development Officer, at or call 029 2064 6894.


Marjorie Sims from Newport is inspiring people of all ages to get into the stride of good health with Let’s Walk Cymru.

Despite her advancing years, Marjorie (93) joins friends regularly for brisk walks around South Wales and farther afield and is urging others to follow her lead.

She said: "I began walking with the group almost 10 years ago, after I lost my husband.


"A member of my cardiac exercise group suggested it as a good way for me to get out and about. Walking provides me with both exercise and social benefits, I try to walk for 20 minutes each day and the weekly group walks are around 80 minutes.

"Walking allows us to discover places we never knew existed, and we regularly go farther afield, walking in the Forest of Dean, Barry Island and West Wales to name a few.

“I’d encourage people of all ages to join in and start walking more."

Read another walker’s story on the Let’s Walk Cymru Website.

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