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Legal confusion reigns in RCT over education cuts

The consultation on the proposed nursery cuts in RCT has been extended until the end of January which is good news for opponents trying to put together a case against this ridiculous move.
However, we have to ask what exactly are the Officers at RCT Council playing at?
The extension has been given, say the Council, because of legal advice, which suggests that the initial period was not sufficient.
Last year the Council was taken to court by campaigners over their nursery cuts decision and that decision was over-ruled and deemed "unlawful." They are now trying to reintroduce the cuts and under the circumstances you would think they would have learned a lesson.
This time, you would presume, they would be keen to ensure everything was absolutely correct at the start of the process. You would think that the Council's army of highly paid legal officers would have been eager to work alongside Directors from Education, Children's Services and Corporate Services who put the report together to make sure this was the case.
Instead it seems that this time RCT Cabinet are on dubious ground even before they get to the end of the consultation. It does not bode well.
Karen Roberts
Campaign Manager RCT Welsh Liberal Democrats.