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Labour's 'stark' threat is another hammer blow for Welsh farmers

Commenting on the Labour junior farming minister’s warning of further cuts in the allocation of EU cash, following her government’s defeat in a legal challenge brought by upland farmers, Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Russell George AM, said:

“This stark threat is another hammer blow for Welsh farmers already reeling from Labour’s record-breaking cuts to the rural affairs budget in Wales, along with countless other pressures heaped upon them.

“Make no mistake - it is Labour and successive Welsh Government mistakes that have led to the chaos surrounding this legal challenge. Labour ministers failed to instigate modelling work at a much earlier stage, which lead to a position where neighbouring farmers with similar land would have been paid different rates.

“The mire of uncertainty facing Welsh farmers has only got deeper today, as Labour threatens more cuts in its allocation of EU cash.

“The process to present options to unions and organisations must be entirely transparent and all views – from right across the Welsh farming industry – must be fully considered.”