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Labour party desperate to keep financial link with Co-op

The Co-operative party website reads:

"As the political party of the co-operative movement, we work in partnership with the Labour Party to achieve these aims. There are 31 joint Labour & Co-operative MPs in Parliament, as well as representatives in Scotland, Wales and local government across the UK. Together, we're ensuring that co-operative and mutual values are at the heart of politics."

Yet it appears that the Co-operative are looking to break the political ties, a suggestion which has some Labour members worried.

The Welsh Labour Government Deputy Minister for Health Vaughan Gethin has appeared particularly agitated on Twitter, sending out a series of tweets encouraging members to vote to keep the political link - and perhaps more importantly to some elected members - keep the donations coming.

This will no doubt be particularly galling to the residents in areas such as Llantrisant where the Co-op has just closed the Post Office - for financial reasons. Maybe if they hadn't been donating to the Labour party they may have had more money to retain community services.

Local Labour elected members made a show of fighting the proposals and looking for alternatives, but there has been little feedback on this.