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Labour must turn up to vote on Trident

Plaid Cymru has responded to the news that Labour MPs plan to boycott a Plaid Cymru-SNP Commons debate on Trident Renewal tomorrow (Tuesday) by branding their no-show 'offensive to the electorate'.
Jonathan Edwards MP, who will contribute to tomorrow's debate on behalf of Plaid Cymru, said that MPs from all Westminster parties must turn up and defend their stance of supporting wasting £100bn on a Cold War relic over the system's lifetime.

Mr Edwards said:
"Talk of Labour MPs pulling a no-show and snubbing the Plaid Cymru-SNP debate on Trident is frankly offensive to the electorate.
"Trident renewal will be the most important spending decision made by the next Parliament at an estimated cost of £100bn of public money.
"The people of Wales deserve to know where those seeking election in May stand on this defining issue.
"Last week, Labour MPs walked through the lobbies in their hundreds to vote in favour of the Tory austerity charter.
"Now, they're threatening to boycott a serious debate about wasting billions on a Cold War relic when our public services are being slashed. 
"Voters will no doubt be asking themselves 'what is the point of Labour'?
"Plaid Cymru alongside colleagues in The SNP and The Green Party are absolutely committed to airing the overwhelming case in favour of scrapping Trident. 
"Labour's trivial and tribal no-show will not deter our efforts to put an end to the obscenity of nuclear weapons."