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Labour must come clean on cuts to Welsh Budget

Responding to the publication of the Labour Party Manifesto, Plaid Cymru candidate for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr Jonathan Edwards said:

"The first page of the Labour manifesto sets out their ‘austerity lock’ - confirming that they are planning severe cuts over the term of the next Parliament. They now need to come clean in terms of how this axe will fall and what impact it will have on Wales.

"So far, they have refused to say which taxes they would raise in order to bring in sufficient funds to pay down the deficit which they have committed to eliminating “as soon as possible". This can only mean deep cuts to jobs and services.

"It is therefore only fair that voters know about Labour's austerity plans - electors deserve better than have to go to the ballot box blindfolded and without the facts and figures."

On funding for Wales, Jonathan Edwards added:

"Labour needs to answer why it believes the people of Wales deserve less than the people of Scotland.

"A funding floor does absolutely nothing to address the shortfall Wales suffers in comparison to the settlement Scotland receives, which if corrected would amount to an additional £1.2bn a year for Welsh public services.

"Labour criticises the Tories for having cut £1.5bn from the Welsh block grant since 2010, but according to the independent IFS, Labour plan to cut £1.2bn over the next parliament. This means even further cuts for Wales under Labour at Westminster.

"Only Plaid Cymru will fight for the best possible deal for Wales after May 7th."