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Labour has dismissed the hard work of the Welsh people in combatting Covid

Welsh Conservative Senedd Leader Andrew RT Davies MS today (March 9) tackled the First Minister over comments made by the one of his Cabinet that “… if you give people an inch, they’ll take a mile”. Mr Davies was referring to a comment made by the Mental Health and Wellbeing Minister over paths to easing lockdown.

Mr Davies said:

“The overwhelming number of people in Wales have worked damned hard over these last months, abiding by the rules to get our country back on its feet and out of lockdown, and for a Labour Minister to so casually dismiss their hard work is a real kick in the teeth.

“But people need some hope, and with the three-week review on Friday, it’s high time that he and his Cabinet gave people some – based on data and dates – hope for the future. And this is because as much as our fantastic NHS staff and others have rolled out the vaccine and done so much besides, it is the people of Wales that have contributed so much to make an end to lockdown possible.

“We remain the only place in the UK where the press gets addressed before parliament and that’s unacceptable. Indeed, we are the only one still conducting democracy via desktop. It's not good enough and the First Minister must provide a full roadmap to recovery which families, workers, and businesses in Wales so badly needs.”

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Shadow Environment Minister backs approach from CLA over nitrate vulnerable zones

Janet Finch-Saunders MS – the Shadow Environment and Rural Affairs Minister – has backed a call from rural economy agency Country Land and Business Association (CLA) Cymru for a targeted approach to pollution incidents caused through farming, saying:

“CLA Cymru is bang on the money here over Labour’s unfair stance on nitrate vulnerable zones (NVZ).

“As Welsh Conservatives have repeatedly said, a blanket NVZ policy discriminates against farmers who are abiding by the regulations, while a targeted approach that focuses attention where it’s most needed means resources can better and more efficiently applied.

“Unlike Labour, which is peddling a myth that the voluntary approach has failed, I would look to back the Blue Flag Farming approach, pursue the Water Standard, and work to deliver on the 45 recommendations by the Wales Land Management Forum Sub-Group on agricultural pollution which have so far been completely ignored by the Welsh Government.

“The pandemic hasn’t helped, but farmers in Wales have had a tough time under Labour, and imposing unnecessary costs on this vital sector of the Welsh economy helps no-one, and won’t solve the problem.”

Labour, propped up by Lib Dems, has recently voted against rescinding the Welsh Government’s NVZ policy.