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Labour cuts 'will hit young farmers hard'

Welsh Conservatives have joined calls for a ‘comprehensive rethink’ of Labour government cuts to Wales’ Young Farmers’ Clubs. A significant Welsh Government-backed grant will no longer be available to the Wales Federation. A 20 thousand pounds Natural Resources Wales grant is also in question.

Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Russell George AM, said: “This dramatic cut will hit the young farmers’ movement hard and I urge Labour ministers to get back to the drawing board. “An unfair and inexplicable decision; this cut requires an immediate and comprehensive rethink. Beneficial educational programmes now face the axe and young people – right across rural Wales – will be unnecessarily affected. “The young farmers’ movement is a valuable part of innumerable Welsh communities, assisting and supporting, and cutting their presence will be hugely detrimental. “At a time when we should be engaging with young people in rural communities and supporting them into farming, this bizarre decision is all the more unacceptable. “Time and again Labour continues to show its true colours towards our rural communities and this is another example of that horrendous unfairness.”