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Plaid Cymru's Jonathan Edwards MP has launched a scathing attack on the First Minister of Wales who, when question by Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood in today's FMQs on financial parity for Wales with Scotland, responded "it's England's money."

Mr Edwards said that this offensive comment revealed the First Minister and Labour's true colours and that their interests lie in pleasing their bosses in London rather than securing a fair deal for the people of Wales.

He added that the First Minister's refusal to back Plaid Cymru's principle of parity with Scotland would see Wales' public services such as the Welsh Health Service continue to be underfunded.

Mr Edwards said:

"The First Minister's claim that Wales should not be granted financial equality with Scotland because "it's England's money" is utterly contemptuous.

“Welsh taxpayers fully contribute to the UK tax pool. The comments of the First Minister indicate a basic misunderstanding of how taxes are collected within the UK.

"Plaid Cymru believes in the simple principle that what's good enough for Scotland is good enough for Wales. Why should we settle for a First Minister who treats Wales as a second-class nation?

"On Labour and the Tories' watch, Wales has been chronically underfunded to the tune of billions over the past decade as successive independent reports have concluded.

"If Wales was funded the same way as Scotland we would have £1.2bn more each year to spend on our public services. Far from standing up for Wales, what we have is a First Minister standing up for the interests of his London bosses.

"If the First Minister was serious about saving the Welsh Health Service and other vital services he would back our calls for fair funding. What is deemed as fair funding has been defined by the London parties in setting in stone public funding for Scotland in their infamous Vow - which the First Minister of course supported.

"If the people of Wales want to see our schools, hospitals and transport network fully functioning and properly funded, voting Plaid Cymru at the General Election is the only way to ensure that Wales is not treated like a second class nation."