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Inspection report published Blaenau Gwent children's services

Care Inspectorate Wales (DSS) has announced its inspection report for children's services in Blaenau Gwent .

The inspection took place in February and March this year.

Inspectors looked at the effectiveness of local authority services and arrangements to help and protect children and their families.

They found that the local authority has committed workforce that respond to the increasing workload. He said that local authorities assessed the current rate of increase in the number of looked after children is unsustainable.

Inspectors subsequently found out that the local authority has promoted stability, security and wellbeing of looked after children and care leavers. A control group fixed the staff considers that he is approachable and supportive.

However, it was found that the interface between early intervention and preventative services and multi-agency statutory services regularly.

Next steps

Care Inspectorate Wales expect the local authority to consider the areas identified for development and take appropriate action to address these areas and improved.

It will monitor progress through its ongoing engagement activities with the local authority.