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Hundreds of tons of old mining waste dumped on mountain in Glynhafod

As we in AberdareOnline have said previously we believe Rhondda Cynon Taf Council have used the excuse of a new flood relief project in Glynhafod to dump hundreds of tons of old mining waste on the side of the mountain. Depending witch of the two reports you want to believe, yes two reports one saying the soil is detrimental to staff etc. When the other report supposedly says the waste is not damaging, AberdareOnline has written to Christopher David Gray of Terra Firma (Wales) Ltd asked a simple question.

“… there are no exposures, contamination or danger in the soil in your report is this correct?”

As RCTC had already had a full report on the soil and its content the above site many residents and we question why there was a need for a further report on the same soil structure. The second report contradicting the first by Earth Science Partnership, we understand there are no exposures. contamination or danger in the soil in your report is this correct?

There should not be inconsistency where school children and the public are concerned and, as two reputable commercially focused companies should have the best interests of the public before everything else.

Long-standing residents of Cwmaman and Glynhafod will remember the flood of 1986 that caused devastation to the area, following which a great amount of flood relief work was carried out on the River Aman and we don’t believe there has been a problem with flooding in this area since.

Christopher David Gray of Terra Firma (Wales) Ltd has not answered us, so we question has he something to hide? Perhaps not, yet why not answer the question? The public, local residents of Glynhafod and Cwmaman have a right to know!

Where are Natural Resources Wales on this issue? What work have they done with the soil samples? Have they taken any? What impact is there on what has become a sanctuary for local wildlife, insects, fungus and plant life?

The photograph above shows how the flood defences were constructed after the 1986 flooding that caused devastation to the area. A great amount of flood relief work was carried out on the River Aman then and we don’t believe there has been a problem in this area since that time.

So why did Rhondda Cynon Taf Council dump hundreds of tons of old mining waste on the side of the mountain? The leader of Rhondda Cynon Taf Council, Andrew Morgan said:

“This will significantly reduce disruption for local people, as they were faced with thousands of tonnes of material being transported through the narrow streets of Cwmaman by large vehicles.”

But let's not forget, Andrew Morgan must have a short memory, when he allowed thousands of tons of waste from the new Aberdare Community School to be transported through the villages of Godreaman Cwmaman and Glynhafod.

Did he think of the local people then?

Did he think of the people when the council had to remove the very same hundreds of tons of that Community School waste that the council dumped illegally in Glynhafod? Hundreds of tons again transported through the villages of Godreaman Cwmaman and Glynhafod.

The question is if flood prevention was required why didn’t Rhondda Cynon Taf Council use the illegal waste from the community school?

It would appear that Directors, Managers and Councillors are wasting thousands of pounds of council taxpayers money making bad decisions. And with no real opposition in the council chamber or from opposition parties, we are sure it will continue in the years to come.

It is those very same bad decision makers in control of our frontline services, the same services being cut and our council tax increasing every year.

So what does the future look like for this latest flood prevention scam from RCTC, well the following photograph shows mining waste already being washed into the River Aman…


In direct response to the questions you have asked:


A – NRW has not carried out any analysis on the soils etc. at this site. The obligation is on the operator to carry out the appropriate levels of testing to establish what, if any, contamination is present. Under the planning process it is the developers responsibility to demonstrate that the land (if affected by contamination) does not present a risk to controlled waters or human health.


B – As above, NRW do not ordinarily carry out testing in these circumstances


C – Where a developer/operator agree to work under the CL:AIRE Definition of Waste Code of Practice, NRW rely on the developer/operator to follow the Code of Practice, with assurance provided by the nominated Qualified Person.


D – As we have mentioned above, it is the responsibility of the developer (in this case the Local Authority) to consider any risks to human health in these circumstances. Land contamination is regulated under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Town and Country Planning Act. The local authority are the lead regulators of the Part


2A requirements, with direct responsibility for considering potential impact on human health.


E – In situations where waste has been illegally deposited NRW can carry out sampling and analysis in order to establish what has been deposited so that the correct course of action can be taken. In the incident you mention, no sampling was carried out, though the Local Authority did remove some material from the site at that time.


In relation to your final points, we will not be carrying out any testing or analysis at this stage. As I mentioned above, we do reserve the right to investigate should we have evidence which indicates the correct procedures or permissions are not followed. However, we have no evidence which indicates this is the case.  Finally, in this instance, the local authority has responsibility to ensure the all of the requirements of the appropriate legislation, including the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Town and Country Planning Act are complied with in delivering their powers and duties.


I do hope that this answers all the points raised but if not please do not hesitate to contact me or John Hogg when he returns from leave.


Kind regards,


Tim England

Operations Manager Flood Risk South Wales

Natural Resources Wales

I find it disgracefull that the very people/authority that we have to look after the enviroment, are the ones who constantly abuse their power and enviroment. 

How on earth can these people do this, and get away with it? I suppose I can answer my own question there....There is no opposition to scrutinise and hold them to account... thats why!

It's about time the so called "opposition" in the Cynon Valley started to put some pressure on these people who are suppose to be looking after our enviroment, and stop pussyfooting about doing bugger all, unless theres a election around the corner.

Come on Plaid Cymru pull your finger out and pile the pressure on this Labour Council and also National Resources Wales (NRW) who seem to be colluding/collaberating with each other. The Cynon Valley Party (I had big hopes on these, some work was being done by them back when they were first established, but they (just like the others) have gone back into the shadows untill the next election by the looks of things!?


I Know It All


 When  is  R  C T  going  to  start  doing  their  job  by  clearing  the  messes  left  in  the  valleys  causing  the  place  to  become  nothing  better  than  a  slum.

I've  just  seen  the  site  that  was  once  Hendrfadog  Secondary  school  and  it  is  an  absolute  disgrace  strewn  with  rubbish  of  all  sorts  left  supposedly  after  the  school  was  demolished,  Other  sites  in  the  Rhondda  fach  has  also  been  left  in  a  shocking  state.

The  Rhondda  fach  is  now  not  a  desirable  place  to  live  with  such  sites  left  in  a  shambles  and  amenities  being  closed  left  right  and  centre.  The  place  was  a  much  nicer  place  to  live  back  in  the  50s  Is  this  what  they  call  'Progress"  Shape  up  RCT  give  the  people  what  they  are  paying  for  or  ship  out.