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Homeless easy target for heartless Council

There has been much talk recently of the rise in anti-social behaviour in Pontypridd town centre with local Councillors, the police, council officers and others meeting to try and find possible solutions.

A range of things is under discussion including moving a number of the support services that are bringing some of the culprits into town. However, RCT's Labour Council appear to be directing efforts at the wrong targets.

In the next few weeks, they will be blocking up space underneath the steps leading down into Mill Street. Why? Is it a hotbed for drug dealing and cider swilling? No. It is a spot where homeless people take shelter.

In an ideal world, nobody would be homeless, nobody would be sleeping in shop doorways, begging in the streets, but this is far from an ideal world. RCT Council should be looking to ensure that there is sufficient provision for homeless people not blocking up the few sheltered spots in which they can sleep.

It is not the poor souls sleeping rough under the steps in Mill Street that are causing the havoc in town. Yet it seems they are an easy target.