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'Help us build the new Wales' - Plaid leader appeal to young people

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood will today (Friday) appeal to young people to join her party to build the new Wales and spark a democratic revolution through engaging with politics.

Leanne Wood will make the call while campaigning with Plaid Ifanc Youth in Aberystwyth where she will urge young people to make their votes count and their voices heard on May 7th.

She will also repeat her party's calls for a Youth Parliament for Wales, the only nation in Europe without an independent youth forum at present.

Appealing directly to young people ahead of her visit to Ceredigion, Leanne Wood said:

"Plaid Cymru wants to reinvigorate our democracy in Wales.

"I witnessed at first hand the democratic revolution that occurred in Scotland last year when people there of all ages, of all backgrounds, seized back the democratic process for themselves from the establishment.

"I spoke to a number of sixteen and seventeen year olds in Scotland who had the right to vote for the first time.

"I know that young people here in Wales have the same yearning to shake up the system as they had there. To young people in Wales I implore you, make your voices heard.

"One way of giving these voices a platform would be the creation of a Youth Parliament for Wales - something which Plaid Cymru wholeheartedly supports. 

"Plaid Cymru will also make sure that next year’s National Assembly elections are the last where sixteen and seventeen year olds are excluded.

"I want young people - wherever they're from - to realise that they have a stake in Wales' future and to join Plaid Cymru in building the new Wales."