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Health services move out to Merthyr - thanks to Labour

Cwm Taf Health Board have announced the implementation of changes decided back in 2014 which will take away several vitally important services from the Royal Glamorgan hospital.

"Maternity services will still be provided 24 hours a day at Royal Glamorgan Hospital but they will be provided by midwives, and not by doctors. You can choose to have your baby in either hospital, but if you have a complicated pregnancy or need doctor-led care when you are giving birth you will need to deliver at Prince Charles Hospital.

To prepare for the changes, a major expansion is taking place at Prince Charles Hospital. We have invested £6m to increase the size of the special care baby unit there to 19 cots, re-develop two delivery theatres, and create six en-suite delivery rooms to include one birthing pool. There will also be a refurbished Alongside Midwifery Unit which will include four birthing suites with two birthing pools."

Handy for those living in Merthyr or nearby, but not such a comforting proposal for mothers to be in the Rhondda or Taff Ely.

Whilst Corbyn and his UK Labour team constantly criticise the NHS in England we shouldn't forget that they are the party in control in Wales, they run the NHS and they made the decision to revamp services and take them away from this area.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats locally fought the proposals all the way, whilst the Conservatives were nowhere to be seen until a couple of months ago when, years after the decision was taken they decided to take an interest.

Neither of them stand up for the people of RCT. We deserve better.