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A Great Turn Out for Motor Cycle Races ( 4,500 ) A Good Day Out Or Was It

Below Letter to AberdareOnline

If you were one of the 4,500 who were in the park enjoying the sunshine and the racing after having parked your motorcycles or vehicles, you would probably say that it was a good day.

However for those who were not attending the racing and still needed to travel up and down the main road, it was chaos.

The complete underestimation of the turn out and the total lack of any attempt by the organisers to arrange parking facilities, led to traffic being parked on both sides of the main road causing tremendous obstruction to other road users, but worse than this was that the organisers showed a total lack of concern and care for public safety by allowing motor cycles to be parked on the pavement preventing the public from having safe and proper access.

It is the responsibility of the organisers to ensure that there is sufficient parking space arranged to accommodate the expected turn out. 

Being involved with motor cycles one would think that the organisers would be the first to realise that when a motor cycle is parked up after being ridden, the engine takes a considerable time to cool down thus leaving many exposed parts that if touched could cause someone a severe burn.

Children are very curious and could easily be attracted by the brightly coloured motor cycles, it’s not hard to understand how their curiosity could lead them to reach out and touch one of these machines and get badly burned.

Yes it may well have been a great day for the Aberaman Motor Cycle Club, however it would have been great for the people who frequent the park on a regular basis, if the club had taken on board the comments raised after last years event and cleared their mess up after them and not rely on the Council to do it for them, especially when council cutbacks are having such a drastic effect on the community.

The days are gone when there was plenty of parking space in the side streets and the old Boys Grammar School, the chaos of this years event underlines the fact that unless the organisers can find sufficient organised parking space and clean the Park properly when the event is over, the Council should withdraw its permission for the event to be held.


I believe that there are a number of places for parking motorcycles over the weekend of the races. St Johns school being one. 

It is not the clubs responcability to police the parking of motorcycles outside the park. Technically, drivers and riders can park on the roadside, anywhere where there are no yellow lines or no parking roadcones. 

I agree the parking of motorcycles on the pavements by the bottom gates of the park was dangerous, but its the riders,,, drivers choice to park there other than using and paying the small amount to park in secure parking areas...

This must be the responsability of the ploice if the vehicles are parked dangerously, and the local authority if they are parked illegally...