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General election 2019 candidates for Cynon Valley

The nominations are in for the 2019 general election that takes place on Thursday, 12 December, this election came about because MPs in Parliament could not agree as the majority of MPs were against respecting what the people voted for to leave the European Union. Lets not forget at this time we didn’t join the European Union in 1973 we joined the Common Market something that is totally different to what’s happening in Europe today.


In the referendum held on 23 June 2016 Cynon Valley voted by a majority to leave the European Union therefor it stands to reason our labour MP would respect the majority vote of her Cynon Valley constituents but as usual she had her own agenda and continually voted against the majority the people she was supposed to represent.


Cynon Valley has had the same labour MP for the last 35 years and Cynon Valley has had a labour MP for over 100 years is it about time Cynon Valley had another party representing us?


They say Cynon Valley labour is a safe seat so why spend lots of money is there any point, now the local labour party would say hang on we built new schools, why have they built new schools didn’t the old ones have problems with asbestos? Lets not forget the Mountain Ash Sothern Cross Valley link now in construction 30 years since it was first proposed, traffic backing up from Mountain Ash to Cwmbach no need for the Mountain Ash Northern Cross Valley link say the labour council even although it was planed 30 years ago. Our main highway infrastructure is lacking in investment keep voting labour and Cynon Valley will keep getting the minimum investment.



Geraint Benney - Plaid Cymru, Plaid Cymru a party committed to staying in the European Union and helped keep labour in power in Cardiff Bay for the last 20 years if you vote for Plaid Cymru are you endorsing them propping up labour in the Welsh Assembly



Steve Bray - Lib Dem Lib Dems against coming out of the EU Welsh Liberal Democrats again helping to keep labour in power in the Welsh Assembly with the one AM they have if you vote Lib Dem are you voting to approve Welsh labour actions in the Assembly?



Andrew Chainey – The Cynon Valley Party a local party to represent exclusively for the people of Cynon in Valley, Andrew Chainey local boy agrees with the majority of voters that we should come out of the European Union. As an independent party the Cynon Valley Party will not be shackled by national party politics and will be able to support any party in Westminster that gives better than a 'fair share' to the community and people of the Cynon Valley.


Pauline Church – Conservative Conservatives don’t get many votes in Cynon Valley


Ian Andrew Mclean - Social Democratic Party don’t know much about him perhaps he will enlighten us?


Rebecca Rees-Evans - Brexit Party the Brexit Party want out of the European Union and want change in how establishment in London is run. 


Beth Winter – Labour do you want another 35 years of being represented by the labour party or another 100 years of labour rule in Cynon Valley don’t forget the party comes before constituents the last labour MP showed no interest in how the people voted in the referendum.

Look at the front bench of the labour party shadow cabinet do you want them in charge of the country?


Vote for change in Cynon Valley you seen what the last labour MP thought of her constituents.