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Fracking? No thanks says Mike Powell

The coalition Government are facing opposition from a cross party mix of MPs today on the UK infrastructure Bill. A number of MPs have tabled an amendment calling for a moratorium on fracking, the extraction of shale gas from underground using water under high pressure.
Welsh Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Pontypridd Mike Powell says he would definitely be in favour of such a move and that fracking should only go ahead if and when it is proven to be absolutely safe. At the moment that is certainly not the case.
"As my RCT colleagues and I have said previously there are far too many doubts about this process, and Government sponsored reports have done nothing to allay the concerns that I and many others share. We need a full assessment of the dangers and potential benefits of fracking before it should even be considered.
"Several senior Liberal Democrats at Westminster have spoken in support of fracking, but in common with my Welsh Liberal Democrat colleagues I believe they are wrong to do so. Welsh Liberal Democrat policy calls for planning permission for fracking operations, including test drilling, to be denied until and unless safety and environmental protection can be guaranteed to the highest standards. I fully agree with that.
Wales needs to be kept frack free."