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Family Ebola scare brings home the positives about the NHS

It has been a tense few hours as we awaited the results of tests on my brother, who was the patient reported as being admitted to the Royal Glamorgan with possible Ebola symptoms.
He has recently returned from Sierra Leone where he was engaged in the construction of the British hospitals to help Sierra Leone combat this devastating disease and when he developed flu like symptoms yesterday followed the advice of the authorities and informed the health agencies of his condition as a precaution.
Fortunately the tests have all returned negative which is a huge relief to him and the family.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the dedicated staff at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital and also Cwm Taf University Health Board for their professionalism in dealing with this. Whilst I am one of the first to criticise when things go wrong in the NHS then I will also give credit where it is due. It is not all doom and gloom in the NHS and this has brought home how lucky we are to have a service that all too often we take for granted - a service that many countries in the world do not enjoy.
Cllr Mike Powell