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Excess waste from the new Cwmaman School going into landfill?

Below is a copy of an email directed at Head of Service–Corporate Design & Maintenance for RCTCBC, the local resident who addressed and expressed his concerns in the email has been questioning RCTC since the council dumped 1,500 tons of waste in Glynhafod an illegal act by the labour controlled RCTC.  


The council then used your COUNCIL TAX to remove the illegal waste they dumped in the Glynhafod beauty spot, not the best way of using your COUNCIL TAX when the labour leader of RCTC keeps saying the council is short of money.


Below copy of an email  directed at Head of Service–Corporate Design & Maintenance for RCTCBC


I am writing this email to you as Head of Service–Corporate Design & Maintenance for RCTCBC, To get your assurances that there will be NO excess waste from the development of the new school in Cwmaman that will be tipped up in the local beauty spot, known locally as "Glynhafod Res".


Could you please confirm to the residents that you have no intention to tipping the waste there, unlike what you did back in 2015/6, where you went and tipped 1,500 tons illegally ...which you then wasted rate payers money removing it ... and 1,000 ton legally. Do you not think that you or RCTCBC cant use the Glynhafod beauty spot as your own personal landfill site, even if you get a U1 exemption from the NRW, as you may well remember, but in case not.


So, if we don't hear off you with your assurances that nothing will be tipped up there, then we will take it that you are going to tip the excess waste up in the reservoirs!


Thank You, and we look forward to you giving us some good news.


Below the short response from Head of Service–Corporate Design & Maintenance at Rhondda Cynon Taf Council


“Thanks you for your email.

I understand you have already received a response via twitter from RCT covering this question.”


You would note the Head of Service–Corporate Design & Maintenance said, “via twitter from RCT” could not be bothered to say RCT Council. Is that the reason the council dumped waste illegally in Glynhafod because they just couldn’t be bothered?