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Estyn Report: ‘Welsh education has been clinging on by its fingernails’

Commenting on Estyn’s annual report, which highlights some improvements in Welsh education but raises concerns over mathematics and numeracy, Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Education Angela Burns AM, said:

“Any improvement is welcome – but with standards coming from such an alarmingly low base – any decline would’ve been a disaster.

“Report after report. Result after result. Welsh education has been clinging on by its fingernails as it’s failed to climb UK league tables.

“That numeracy and math are still the cause of such concern should be an embarrassment for the people that have made the decisions for 15 years now; Welsh Labour ministers.

“A generation of young people – educated entirely under Labour – have been let down by successive Welsh governments that have failed to get a grip with the real issues.

“As the current Labour minister grapples helplessly with the mistakes of his predecessors, I urge him to put teachers, pupils and their families at the top of the agenda.”