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Doubts and delays over Muni opening

The community group take over of the Muni Theatre in Pontypridd seems to have hit a few stumbling blocks - according to a number of posts on facebook.

The project was backed by Owen Smith who has been the Labour MP for the past five years and was supported by £10,000 from the Labour run Pontypridd Town Council. A community group planned to take over the building following the decision of RCT Council to close it, despite it being the least costly of the three theatres in the county.

Very little information has been forthcoming about the project, but people were given hope that it would be reopening soon when adverts started appearing for the first event there. That event has apparently had to be relocated to St Catherine's Church. According to a post on the "you used to know you were from Ponty" facebook group

"Two provisional re-opening dates have come and gone....I'm reluctant to say much because there have been so many delays in completing that its getting embarrassing.....However, without prejudice, I think we are very close now."

The response to a question from the Treforest Labour Councillor as to why this was happening was

"Because of the delay in being able to sign the lease and not being able to guarantee that the building would be fit for use and all the necessary procedures and policies were in place."

So the people of Pontypridd are left in limbo once again and waiting for the reopening of their theatre.