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Discover Elan Valley’s Dambuster history this weekend

Take a guided walk through Elan Valley on Sunday, 28th December and learn more about the valley’s link with the Dambuster raids.

This four mile walk will let you explore the ruins of Nant y Gro Dam, one of the dam’s involved in the early trials of Barnes Wallis’ ‘bouncing bomb’ and later used by the R.A.F’s 617 squadron, better known as... The Dambusters.

This three hour walk will commence at 14.00 at the Elan Valley Visitor Centre.

Alan Samuel, Countryside Ranger at Elan Valley, said: “Visitors will learn how Barnes Wallis utilised this small Welsh dam to gain a better understanding of how any explosive device would need to be detonated in relation to the dam to cause maximum damage prior to the WW2 Dambusters raid of 1943.”

All participants should wear suitable walking shoes and outdoor clothing, and should be aware of the steep 40 metre climb up the steps to the dam which precedes a very steep 140 metre trek.