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Disappointment over nursery education decision - cuts will go ahead

The second judicial review against the cuts to nursery education in RCT has been turned down by a High Court Judge.

Last year parents were successful in getting the decision of RCT Council to cut nursery education from full to part time overturned on the grounds that they did not adequately consult or have regard to the provision of sufficient child care.

When the Council reintroduced the proposal parents once again took legal action and instigated a second judicial review. Today the judgement was handed down and parents across the county left disappointed.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor Mike Powell was present at the Civil Court in Cardiff where the verdict was delivered via a video link from London. He said

"This is hugely disappointing for all those who have fought so hard to get this decision overturned.

"I realise the Council, in common with all others, has to make cuts, but education is the last place they should start.

"This will hit pupils from deprived backgrounds particularly hard, and many problems that are picked up now at an early stage may not be so easily spotted and remedied in future. Parents wanting to work will be unable to afford childcare and so this will have economic knock on effects.

"It will also be divisive and provide an unequal system as some schools have already said they will consider providing day long education at their own cost."