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Did you see the live stream on Sunday supporting local talent from the Cynon

Did you see the live stream on Sunday? The Cynon Valley Party had thousands of viewers from all over the world, but predominantly in the Cynon. 
Do you run a club, society, have something that benefits the valley that you want to shout about? Maybe an Art, Historical, Poetry society or a sports club, walking or dinner club, maybe you have started a new business. 
Well get in touch and be part of #CynonValleyLive when we next stream our show. Next time there will feature much more than live music. Please share and share our vision of a prosperous forward looking area that decides and creates it's own future.



Why not come to the next meeting on the 29th at the Red Cow, Llwydcoed (6pm), or Wed 7th Dec (7pm) at the Jeffreys, Mountain Ash