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Did you know that you don’t have to vote in person at the next local election, 4th May 2017?

The next Local Election may be over 3 months away, however if you want to rid yourself of the sudden hassle of sorting additional childcare, arranging special transport, or asking the boss if you can come in late/leave early, then voting by post is the perfect option.


However, you must register to vote by post first at least 11 working days prior to the date of election.

Even if, near the time, you change your mind and fancy voting in person then you can take your postal vote to your local polling station and vote on the day.


For those who work or study away from home, then there is no need to make an unnecessary, perhaps costly, journey home. Just make sure you register to vote by post beforehand.

You can even have your ballot papers sent to you abroad as long as you allow enough time for them to reach you, and for you to post your vote back.

The Cynon Valley Party are making a difference throughout our valley. We need people that care, people who will make things happen, people that have ideas, dreams and a vision for the future of this place to get involved and give our area an identity and voice that is sadly lacking at the moment. If you want to find out more, want to become a councillor, want to create a change and see how your postal vote will help, then please get in touch.

May the 4th be with you and with the Cynon Valley Party lets help make the change